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martedì 6 novembre 2012



1- Press "PLAY".

2- If you can't listen to music, don't read now.

3- Try not to think for 5 seconds. I beg you.

I've been to the station, a small station in my city, where most of the time trains just come through without stopping. I went there by bike, as the cold strange November air freezed my nose, but not too much. I had to meet with a friend of mine, to talk, to pass the time, to watch trains and pretend we know where we're going to go next. Play pretend. Play pretend.

Talk to me. What's wrong? Nothing, just everything. It'll pass. You promise? I promise.
A train passes by, wind in her hair.
Why is it that things change so much every fucking second?
No. The question is: why can't you fucking accept it and let it go?
Yes, why can't I? Dejar que fluya, he said.

Getting to the point, if there even is one: I was listening to this song heading home - feeling sick of all the anxieties, and the problems, and the people I don't get - and the more its intensity grew, the better I felt.
Does it work for you too? I need to know.

PS. No cheesy metaphors as "trains-opportunities-life-chioces" intended.

2 commenti:

  1. For some reason your words calm me. I'm not the only one hopelessly lost in thoughts.