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domenica 4 novembre 2012

Home Alone

I've slept strangely, dreamed a lot of different things. But I slept.
I walked the dog late in the morning and  as we got back home she refused to eat, because she's freaking stubborn on Sundays.
I'm still wearing my PJs under some random gym pants and a sweater.
I made an extremely creamy cappuccino - too much milk, which means my stomach will probably revolt against me today.
The mess in the kitchen: liquors, shoes, a camera, dishes. Nice dinner yesterday.
I'm letting myself appreciate the "alone time".
And. It. Feels. Damn. Good. 
Now: movie time. The cleaning up process will begin in a couple hours: I want to wallow in my beautiful sunday mess. Because it's mine. And there's no one around to bother me with duties, manners or other annoying stuff.
And. It. Feels. Damn. Good.
Enjoy your own dirty, filthy, untidy, messy Sunday.

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