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domenica 18 novembre 2012


Sunday Stupid Post.

I've slept very little and uncomfortably, but I was finally held by loving arms - even if it has to be just for one night, it was intense and it was nice. Then, I came home and the universe renewed its immutable laws by showing me the other side of the freaking coin.
And now there's just a few words I need, I really need to say.
Karma Is A Fucking Bitch. 

(There's a but, ladies and gentlemen.)

Today I am happy. Last night I was infused with tenderness and today I woke up with a huge smile on my face, and that's not going anywhere until I say so.
This is me.
On Sunday.
Not giving a fuck about stupid Karma.

Spiderman says so, too.  :)  Have a nice day.

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