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mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013


Sorry - absence due to Christmas, holydays, new year and so on.

Now, 2013. Let's have a chat. I have a series of requests.
Please don't give me more shit than a human being can handle.
Please keep annoying people out of my way, or if you can't, at least give me a flame thrower, so I can keep them away myself.
Also, please, throw panic attacks, anxiety and all her friends into someone else's way.
Perhaps you could consider sending some pain in the ass to tyrants, violents, stupid politicians and racist, sexist, fascist, disrespectful people.
Please make time to teach our governers not to give a shit about economy and money anymore, or at least to say only good things about stocks and market - 'cause they will follow.
Please make Israeli people remember what they've been through, so they can stop doing the same thing to other people.
And please, please, please let us get what we want this time.

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